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The Swimming Group is currently held at the Chilterns Lifestyle Centre in Amersham, but other locations are under consideration.

Please check our calendar for exact dates as we try to vary days and times to suit different individuals.


Everyone is welcome and support will be offered where required although please note we are unable to offer any personal care.

Health benefits of swimming

  • Regular swimming is proven to reduce your risk of serious illnesses like heart disease, type 2 diabetes & stroke

  • Swimming can also help you to lose weight, improve general flexibility, increase strength & improve mobility

  • As well as improving physical health, swimming can also boost your mood and reduce stress levels to improve your mental wellbeing.

  • Exercising in water means reduced strain on your joints when compared to other exercises like running or football. This makes swimming popular with older people and those with mobility problems. However, swimming is considered a beneficial activity for people of any age or ability.

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